Saint Vincent Ferrier

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 The informations below are to be found on the page « The Jubilee » ; the proposed activities do not take into account the other propositions that parishes and movements may set up themselves.


Provisional program 


March 3rd - 10th 

Diocesan pilgrimage with Bishop Centène , on the steps of saint Vincent in Spain !


Saturday March 17th and Sunday 18 th 

Opening of the Jubilee : pilgrimage from Theix to Vannes  with :

* a youth group around Theix folowed by a Pop Louange concert in Saint-Vincent Ferrier church (Vannes) ;

* intergenerational pilgrimage from Theix to Vannes ;

* Beginning of the journey of Saint Vincent’s relics, to be offered to public devotion until June 2019.


Friday 11th and Saturday 12th, Sunday 13 th May 

Feast of Saint Vincent with :

* illumination of the cathedral interior in «  mediaeval lightning » on the evening 11th and 12th ;

* 11th : Sacred Music concert ;

* 12th : spiritual evening

* 13rd : Holy Mass on the morning



 Advent Season with

Saint Vincent’s miracles : a play enacted by young people , on the square or in front of our churches and chapels, in the manner of the old spectacles ; concerts, « crèches de Noël » and evangelization.



Tuesday 4th, Friday 5th, Saturday 6th April 

Anniversary of Vincent’s death with :

* university lectures ;

* production of a special post-stamp ;

* international concerts ;

* concert in the illuminated cathedral.


June, Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th 

Closing of the Jubilee on Vannes wharf with :

* on Saturday evening, concert in cathedral ; 

* on Sunday morning, solemn mass on Vannes harbour area, followed by blessing of a statue of saint Vincent to be shipped to the "Valley of the Saints", in Carnoët ;

 * large family pick-nick ;

 * various activities.