Saint Vincent Ferrier

Why a Jubilee ?

1       Why a jubilee ?

In the year 2019, we shall celebrate the 6th century anniversary of saint Vincent’s death and we ought to prepare the feast.

Such anniversary will not be a Vannes-centered commemoration of a remote death, but we wish it to be an event for the Church and a way to renew her vitality.

As a great missionary in Europe, Vincent Ferrier devoted the last years of his life to evangelize the people of Brittany.

There is hardly a place in our diocese where his memory is not recorded. His preaching, his passion for unity, his compassion for the sufferings as much as the crowds who flocked to follow him, are still recounted in our cities.

As the possessor of his relics, our diocese has an important part to play in the celebration.

Let us now learn more about the man, that he may become a source of inspiration to bring the Good News to the people of Brittany today.

No saint can ever be reduced to the time when he lived. The saints are never limited to the past. When they seem to be a little alien to our society, it is because they stand out, like beacons to show us the way to the future. They are posted at the crossroads to guide us to what is essential.


                                                                                                        Bishop Raymond Centène, Vannes, Brittany

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