Saint Vincent Ferrier

Life and holiness of saint Vincent

A real missionary disciple for our time


A true love of the Church

Vincent had rather leave his friend Benedict XIII, an Avignon Pope,  than be a part of the western schism (two and three popes !).

Through the testimony of his life deeply rooted in prayer and sacraments, thanks to obvious gifts, his charity, prudence and clear sighted intelligence, he had a large share in the overcoming of the schism (Council of Constance 1414/1418).


A real missionary courage

Vincent went ahead to meet Jews and Muslims, in Spain, bringing them the Gospel, showing a generous respect for his adversaries, a profound knowledge of their beliefs as well as an edifying pratice of the evangelical virtues.


An untiring apostle of peace

 Vincent met the monarchs of his century in their courts, in order to help untie the conflicts (in the Spanish Sucession and the Anglo-French long war) in a constant spirit of justice and reconciliation.


An relentless preoccupation for the poorest and most vulnerable ones

Vincent showed great concern for the prisoners, the poor, the sick, the orphans and the broken marriages.

He organized several groups to help, and he even obtained from God a number of miraculous healings, both physical and spiritual.


A few dates

January 23rd 1350 : birth in Valencia, Spain

1367 :  enters the Dominican order. Friar Vincent teaches in  Spain and in Toulouse, France.

1378 : he is ordained and becomes Prior of his Valencia Convent.

1392-1394 : he becomes counsellor and confessor to Pope Benedict XIII, in Avignon, France.

1399 : he is appointed by the Pope as « Plenipotential of the Lord » ; he sets on a journey, preaching through Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Southern France, Besançon, Dijon, Bourges, Angers

June 28th 1412 : he works on the « Caspe Compromise » to give the crown of Aragon to Ferdinand of Castille, thus fostering the Spanish unity.

1418-1419 : Vincent walks and rides through Normandy and Brittany.

 He reaches Nantes (the city of the Dukes of Brittany) on February 8th,1418. On the 3rd of March, he is in Questembert. Then the Duke and the bishop of Vannes welcome him into the city (stainglass windows in the cathedral illustrate the moment). On the 4th of March, Vincent arrives in the little city of Theix, and the following day, back in Vannes, he addresses crowds on the « Place des Lices ». A few weeks later, he rides to Rennes, Caen, Saint-Malo, Saint-Brieuc, Josselin, Ploërmel...

April 5th 1419 : exhausted, Vincent dies in Vannes (room 17 Valencia Square).

November 5th 1453 : first meeting of the canonisation committee in Malestroit (diocese of Vannes).

June 25th 1455 : Master Vincent is declared a saint by Pope Calixte II.

Biographie d'après Pierre IZAUTE (597.87 Ko)