Saint Vincent Ferrier

The 03/18/2018

Pilgrimage opening Jubilee

The Jubilee will open on a large pilgrimage taking up the personal journey that Vincent walked and rode on his mule when he came to Morbihan in March 1418.

March 17th (as above mentioned) :

walk with the youth aroud Theix (about 6-8 kms)
followed by a concert in Saint-Vincent Ferrier church (Vannes).
Possibility to pray near the relics all night, in the church (Theix).

March 18th :

walk with all generations from Theix to Vannes (10 kms).
We shall pause in old Saint-Laurent Chapel (Séné)
where Vincent sang the mass in the presence of the bishop and the duke.
A solemn mass will take place in the cathedral at the end of the day.

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